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The Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra- (CKSK) is a voluntary organization, registered under the Registration of Societies Act., Government of Karnataka. The partner organization is situated at the eastern end of the coastal district and at the foothills of the Charmady Ghats.

CKSK is managed by the Franciscan Capuchin Friars dedicated to work with socio economically challenged marginal farmers, landless laborers, youth, women, children and the differently abled in the rural sector since 1976. Past sixteen years the Organization is concentrating on the empowerment of women through 250 women Self Help Groups involved in micro credit activities and micro entrepreneur and the total number of beneficiaries cross the number 4300. The Project also caters 785 deprived, vulnerable children of 15 villages of the Taluka.

CKSK is very much concentrates on children, youth, (girls) and women to raise their self-esteem and empowerment to assert their rights. The main aim of the Organization is to build up a society with healthy and secure infants, educate and build the confident of the children and promote youths, women towards skilled and involved in development.

The Organization is also closely working with unemployed and unskilled youths of the taluka. Past three years the organization supported 88 youths for rubber tapping, 30 youths for motor driving, 166 youths for horticulture and floriculture, 32 youths for hardware and networking, 198 youths for jasmine cultivation, 130 youths for aesthetic training, 20 youths for cloth mat making, 43 youths for fashion designing, 120 youths for tailoring, 15 youths for Photoshop and sticker cutting, 15 youths for artificial jewelry making, 150 youths for computer course, 30 youths for nursing course, 26 youths for beautician course, 21 youths for mechanic, electronics, 310 youths are supported for higher education, 458 youths are trained in career guidance, 947 youths are trained for the board exam, 374 youths are trained for competitive exams, 394 youths have received tuition freely and passed out successfully the board exams, 445 youths participated in job fair organized by Organization, besides these the organization has supported preschools, schools and colleges for the sports and science materials, teaching learning materials, school bags, books etc.

The Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra initially used to mobilize the children of the Taluka and organize various camps such as chinnara Mela, summer camps, Midyear camps. Then the Organization seeing the urgent need of the deprived children gradually started to organize weekly children clubs in some of the villages. Since functioning of the weekly clubs created a perfect platform for the children to express their exclusion, voice out against deprivation and space to exhibit their inner capabilities, the Organization took more interest and put more efforts to form children clubs in many villages. As a result it has now 40 children clubs, comprising of 700 children. Each children club has 15 to 20 children who meet weekly and discuss various issues that pertain to them such as child right violation, drop outs, child labour, child harassment etc.


Organization Name :
Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra

Name of the Chief Functionary :
Rev. Fr. Francis Assisi Edwin Monis

Name of Project Manager :
Fr. Vinod Mascarenhas

Vision :
A society rooted in the Gospel values of love, justice, peace and respect for life and environment.

Mission :
To create a just society, where all receive equal opportunity for development and growth, where all have equal share in the resources of the earth where everyone’s human dignity is respected.

Goal :
Vulnerable communities will have access and control over knowledge resources, decision making for their integral and sustainable development.

Registered No. of Society :
Registration of Societies Act, Mangalore No.38/75-76, February 21, 1976

Legal Holder of the Society :
Rev. Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais, OFM Cap The President.

Project Title : To Empower The Deprived Excluded Children Through Providing Them Quality Education

Name of Beneficiary :

Before Intervention :
I am studying in 5th standard in a Government primary School at Moodaibettu, Nada Village in Belthangady Taluk, Karnataka. I come from an economically poor background. My parents can manage to write and read. They are daily laborers and in great difficulty we run the house. I have one brother younger to me. My academic performance is very low because I have no one to support me and to guide in my study. Thus many a times I felt low self -esteem by comparing me with others.

After Intervention :
Earlier I found it very difficult in reading and writing. But I am doing a lot of improvement today because of the special couching in and through Reading Improvement Program (RIP). Teacher Vijetha is a great help to me to come up and to show positive results in my academics. I am also a beneficiary of Skill Improvement in Mathematics (SIM) to learn the basics of math.

I feel great and exuberant as I improve upon my basic learning and getting into extracurricular activities such as reading short story books and singing. People seeing my confidence in singing call me to chant Bajans in the temple. All these things are possible because of the constant support of the teachers, Capuchin krishik Seva Kendra-Vimukti, and the Donor agency Volkart Foundation Indian Trust for lighting a lamp in my life. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Project Title : To Empower The Deprived Excluded Children Through Providing Them Quality Education

Name of Beneficiary :

Before Intervention :
I am studying in 4th standard in a Government primary School at Indabettu in Belthangady Taluk, Karnataka. As I hail from a poor family as we don’t have basic necessities of life such electricity and proper housing but still I was sent to school because of my parents’ desire and my dream. Since my Parents are uneducated I had no one to teach me apart from school. But I managed to go to school everyday walking almost two kilometers in spite of poverty.

After Intervention :
Today I am a transformed person in terms of education, social, emotional life style. Earlier I could not read and write properly but because of the extra efforts by teacher Shilavati to read and write in and through Reading Improvement Program (RIP) I feel great that I am improving day by day.

I am also grown emotionally and socially. Earlier I was feeling low because of my satisfactory performance. But today I am equal to the other students. I have built up my personality in extracurricular activities such dance, singing and drawing. I am very much grateful to all the teachers, Capuchin krishik Seva Kendra-Vimukti, and the Donor agency Volkart Foundation Indian Trust for lighting a lamp in my life. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


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