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Shurti Hetamsaria is a Down syndrome young adult. Yet she is a ​very sharp, jolly and enthusiastic girl, with a ready smile for everyone.

When Shruti was born, her parents were not informed of the disablility by her Doctor. It was only later when they took her for her checkup, that they were told about it, after which they consulted various doctors.

Shruti basically has a speech problem. She can speak, but is not very clear, though she can be understood. She understands everything that is told to her. She is a ​very affectionate and caring child, always respectful and obedient towards her teachers and is very friendly and helpful to her colleagues.

She is a graduate of SPJ Sadhana School where she was trained in Visual Arts and Crafts Department. This training has made her into an independent young girl and the best part is that she travels all the way from Andheri to Mahalaxmi, her work place by train with her maid. She has one married brother and two nephews, whom she loves.

Shruti is a very sincere and dedicated worker and is excellent with time management. Any work assigned to her is completed on time without being told. Once she sets a routine, she manages everything herself. She thoroughly enjoyed making eco-friendly Ganesh idols during the Ganesh Utsav festival this year and the idols were all a hit and totally sold off.

Working in the pottery department, helps in building her weak palm muscles (a common trait with Down Syndrome children) and acts as a therapy. She loves to dabble in different areas of the Art Department and is very adept at creating brilliant pieces of sculpture. She enjoys her work enormously and is very imaginative and hardworking.

Shruti is not only an excellent worker, but excels in outdoor activities too. In the annual Sports Day, this year she won the Trophy for the best athlete. She also loves to sing and dance and listen to music. Since she is so inclined towards music, the parents have got a dance instructor who comes home to teach her.

She loves coming to Om Creations and considers it her second home. We at Om are blessed to have Shruti as a part of the Om Family.

Shruti making Ganpati

Shruti making Paper Baskets

Bulti Das

As mentioned earlier, Bulti is deaf and dumb. But since she has joined Om she is no longer a shy girl she used to be. She has been accepted by our young adults very warmly. Though she can’t talk she is able to communicate with others and is a very happy girl.

Bulti has shown a lot of progress since last year. Once she excelled at making creamic items, we shifted her to the painting Section and she proved her mettle there too, by creating amazing pieces of Art Work on canvas.

Her progress has been steady and we are very happy that she has settled down very well at Om.

Bulti making Ganesha


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