Usharani Mondal

Age : 55 years
Sex : Female
Village : Steamer Ghat
PS : Kakdwip
DT : South 24 Parganas

55 years old Usharani Mondal lives with her husband in a small village of Kakdwip. Though she has a son and two daughters but all of them are married. Usharani’s son lived separately with his wife. She runs a small shop in her village. Apart from this, during season, she does selection, packing of dried fish. Her husband cannot work for long hours because of his high blood pressure. Therefore she is the only earning member of her family.

But due to poor eyesight she was unable to weight properly the items in her grocery shop. Not only was that she unable to differentiate between one rupee coin and two rupees coin. For these reasons, she was facing difficulties in running her shop and sometimes the customers too were complaining about not getting properly weighted items. In the fish arat, where she works seasonally, neither she was able to select the quality dried fish nor was she able to do the packing of fishes properly. Observing her difficulties, the owner of the fish arat suggested her to go to an eye specialist. Usharani went to a private chamber of an eye specialst in Kakdwip, where she had diagnosed with cataract and she had been told to deposit Rs. 6,500/- to operate the cataract. But due to her financial condition, she was in back foot and was forced not to go for cataract operation. As a result, she had to run the shop with her poor eyesight for her livelihood though the number of customers were decreasing day by day.

Meanwhile, SSDC had organized an eye camp at Vivekanana gram panchayat under Kakdwip police station. Usharani went there for an eye checkup and she had been diagnosed with cataract at the eye camp. Immediately she had been provided an opportunity for cataract operation in free of cost from Sundarban Eye Hospital.

After her successful cataract operation at SSDC Eye Hospital now she is seeing everything clearly as earlier. She already recommended SSDC Eye Hospital to all of her neighbors in case of any eye related problem.

After the operation, Usharani Mondal took rest for some days before she started her grocery business again. According to Usharani Mondal, the number of clients is started to increase already after she returned from SSDC Eye Hospital. She can now measure the items perfectly as well as she is facing no difficulties at all in differentiating between one rupee coin and two rupees coin. Not only that, the fish arat owner too is very happy as Usharani is back again in her dried fish packing work.

She appreciates on the hospitality she received from there. Usharani said that all arrangement of the Hospital like operation, food and living and everything are very much satisfactory as she appreciated on feedback to SSDC worker during follow up home visits.

Usharani Mondal is happy with her experience at SSDC Eye Hospital and pray to the God for the prosperity of the SSDC Hospital in future endeavor.

Usharani working at fish factory

Usharani afetr Operation


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