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Volkart Foundation Indian Trust was established in 1952 by Volkart Brothers, who had business dealings in India. The four brothers who formed and established the Foundation were Mr. Werner Reinhart, Mr. Peter Reinhart, Mr. Balthasar Reinhart and Mr. George Reinhart.

The four Swiss nationals to mark their presence in the centenary year of their business established the Volkart Foundation Indian Trust in Swiss in 1951 and also in India in year 1952. The Foundation started functioning from the year 1953.

Later they invited Indian nationals and inducted them as Trustees of the Foundation in India in 28th May 1975.

  • Volkart Foundation Indian Trust is a public charitable trust registered with the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai. The Foundation supports NGOs and Institutions who are working for the poor and the marginalized.

  • The Portfolio is divided into Education, Primary to vocational training, Medical & Health care and Community Development which includes watershed management, & livelihood.

  • From last 50 years the Foundation had funded more than 250 NGOs from all over India

People Behind Volkart

OBJECTIVES OF THE Volkart Foundation Indian Trust


The inspiration behind the inception of SANGOPITA is a mentally challenged child and the family’s response. The founder members when blessed with a child with cerebral palsy went through a very difficult phase.


55 years old Usharani Mondal lives with her husband in a small village of Kakdwip. Though she has a son and two daughters but all of them are married.


Shurti Hetamsaria is a Down syndrome young adult. Yet she is a very sharp, jolly and enthusiastic girl, with a ready smile for everyone.


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