We feel honored to extend our warm welcome to you and thank you, for sparing, so kindly, a few minutes of your valuable time to be with us.

Our Aim :
To capacitate and provide conducive environment and resources to the neglected, hapless, deprived, isolated and stigmatised disabled children to result in their sustainable development, mainstreaming and Empowerment.

Genesis of the Organization :
In almost all societies, Communities, people by and large hold a notion that DISABILITY is a curse and such unfortunate P.W.D (People with Disability) remain neglected, less served, stigmatised and segregated.

Ms. P. Padmaja a. P.G. in Psychology and special Education and her husband Mr. M.Uday Mohan Reddy both service minded and hailing from a decent family were moved and felt concerned at the pathetic conditions, in which the disabled children live or forced to live. They both, joined by a few like minded persons, established and registered a service society by name “VELUGU”. Velugu a Telugu word, means “BRIGHTNESS or LIGHT in English. The society became a real entity, on 7th July 1997, with it’s office based at Madanapalle, Chittoor Dist., A.P.

The Society formed has clarity, meaningful and purpose Serving Plans and set Vision and mission. The attainment of them is our goal.

Our Vision :
Achieving holistic and wholesome rehabilitation of the capacitated and empowered disabled children, leading dignified, self – supportive lives and joining the mainstream of society with confidence and feeling that they are no way less to other able bodied citizens.

Our Mission :
To plan and implement, result assured activities through participatory approach involving all stake holders, for achieving the sustainable development, empowerment and rehabilitation of the disabled children in the society, with in a set time frame.


  • Regn No. 338/ 1997 dtd. 07.07.1997- duly registered under XXI of 1860 Society Registration Act.
  • FCRA No. 0140286 dtd 10.1.2002 - Registered under Foreign contribution Regulation Act, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India, New Delhi.
  • Income Tax Exemption U/S 12.A & 80G of Income Tax Act, valid in perpetuity
  • PAN Card No. AAA TV 1697 A For the Society.
  • Registered by National Trust - Reg No. AVEL16514694476
  • Special Education For M.R. Children (Mentally Retarded)
  • Special School For Deaf & Dumb Children (HEARING Impaired)
  • Multi Facility Care Home For Aged Single Women

Our Regular Field Service

Since the inception of our society we continue to make available the following services, in our area of operation covering madanapalle Town & Rural, B. Kothakota, Kurablakota and P.T.M mandals in chittoor dist.
  • Survey and identification of disabled persons.
  • Conducting Meetings and Counseling.
  • Formation and Strengthening of S.H.Gs of disabled persons.
  • Guidance and facilitation services for economic development activities.
  • Medical and Health camps.
  • Capacity Building Trainings.
  • Support and Rehabilitation Services.
  • Distribution of Supporting Aids & Implements.
  • Medical certificates, Bus / Rail Passes, Pension Facilities, House sites and Other Govt. Welfare Measures.

Vocational :

Our idea and resolve, is to capacitate the Children, not only in education but also give them vocational skills, so as to help them, to pursue income generating activities, by which they can become self supporting, after leaving our institution. Presently the vocational training are given in :
  • Candles making
  • Hand Embroidery
  • Door Mats
  • Shampoo Making
  • Chalk piece making
  • Phenol Making
  • Detergent Powder Making
  • Paper Covers & Dhoop Sticks (Incense Sticks)
Our Children, always remain under proper medical care and receive Prompt, efficient and qualified medical and health care services, provided by our VELUGU Family Doctor Dr. Gopi Krishna, Children specialist, AMRUTHA HOSPITAL, Dr. Subba Reddy, Bavya Hospital and Dr. Pavankumar, Shantharam Hospital, Madanapalle.
  • Exclusive Free medical camps organized periodically in rural and slum areas
  • Eligible disabled children and elders are facilitated in securing free RAIL, BUS Passes, Pension, Housing etc…
  • Free Transport facility to the disabled children from home to school and back.
  • Aids and Implements like Tri – Cycles, Crutches, wheel chairs, Hearing Aids etc are distributed.
  • Guidance and intervention for securing Bank financial support to the disabled.
  • All Other Govt. welfare and development schemes designed for the disabled persons.

Cultural :

We have the services of experienced cultural artists and yoga instructors. Our special children are receiving training in cultural items like Dance, Drama, Kolatam, Playing Musical instruments ect. Regular yoga classes for physical, mental and spiritual well being of our special children.

A New leaf turned for the deprived Hearing Impaired Children.

Name of Beneficiary with Activity photograph : Mr. S. Siva Kumar
Cell : 9176713598

Before intervention :
Belongs to poor rural labour class family. He was Normal alike any other child. When the boy was quite young his parents noticed that the child was not responding to the surrounding sounds and to the calls and unable to speak worried, the parents took him to local Allopathy Doctor, who diagnosised that the child was Deaf & Dumb.

At this, stage the boy was brought and was admitted in our special Residential school for H.I Children.

After intervention :
He was found very shy, timid and isolating himself, in the early days of his stay. Velugu, as is the case with other children of his type, paid special individual attention and care to the boy. Slowly but steadily he continued to progress.

The conducive environment company of similar children, Homely care, special education, skills imparted etc.. enable the boy to acquire both general and computer skill, thus possessing employable skills. He took up private jobs and Later joined M/S. LIFE STYLE Establishment at Chennai. Observing his dedication and performance, the management liked his salary and said to be drawing around Rs. 12,000/- PM.

As understood, he is progressing well and happy.

A New leaf turned for the deprived Hearing Impaired Children.

Name of Beneficiary with Activity photograph : Mr. Y. Venkata Ramana Reddy
Cell : 9652873516

Before Intervention :
Lack of concern, care, affection and lack of worldly knowledge on the part of his parents, forced this H.I child remain teased and berated by others in his village. Due to neglect, he was famished and his health was unwell. He found himself despondent and had no Hope of his future. None at home kith & Kin extended any support.

He joined our special Residential school for H.I children. At VELUGU, he was found very lonely, keeping to his self and not mingling with others.

After Intervention :
In course of time, he started responding to the special Individual care and attention. The food, Medical services, care takers attention, company of his co-students etc proved much inspiring and motivating. As time passed he showed good progress and was capable. He acquired good technical skills and was trained in electrical wiring and pluming. He confidently left our Institute.

He did take-up many small jobs. But finally, he left for Bangalore. There, he got a job under a reputed contractor. He works as electrician cum plumber, leading a small team of his workers. It is learnt that he is presently paid about Rs. 16,000/- PM. He says he is quite happy and progressing. His parents are much interested to celebrate his marriage.


48, 4th Floor, Mittal Chambers,
Barrister Rajani Patel Marg, Next to Bajaj Bhavan,
Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021.

022 – 2283 6336 / 2283 6338

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